What we do

What we do

Graphic prepress

For prepress we use Mac and PC computers and all programs are updated by latest version. We also use ArtPro program which is specialized for graphic prepress in flexo. Specificity of flexo are high accrual of raster tone value so the graphic prepress main task is adjustment of all printing elements paying attention to the design and specificity of flexo.


Production of digital photopolimer cliches for flexo

We produce cliches using digital HD technology and resolution from 2540 till 4000 dpi maximum format 1270x2032 mm.
We use most quality repromaterial on the market and produce cliches of all thickness of which are mostly: 0.73, 0.94, 1.14, 1.70, 2.54, 2.84, 3.94, 4.32, 4.70, 5.00, 5.50, 6.35 mm


Cliches Mounting

We perform cliches mountig on AV flexologic machine that allows mountig of cliches of all thickness. We are able to make the mounting foil with or without slats and elements for rubber tensioners of foil. When mounting was made we produce control imprint of final product in real dimensions. In order to prevent movement and entry of colors between foil and cliche the process ends with neoprene glue.


Stamp production

We produce stamp using Colop products.
Please, bring with you a court Decision, and we will make you a stamp within 24 hours.

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