We are very proud that today our production possesses the most technologically advanced machines in the world market for production of digital photopolymer cliches.

Esko CDI Spark 5080-HD, dimensions 1270x2032 mm and CDI 4835-HD, dimensions 1200x900 mm which are used for laser engraving.

Degraf Concept 501 ETL - exposure unit for large-format flexographic plates

Degraf Concept XP DW - the revolutionary processor with double washout area for large format flexo plates working in batch mode or in-line mode

Flint Flowline washer F3 - fully automated system for washing, rinsing, after cleaning and pre-drying in the mid range format

Degraf Concept 501 Dryer - dryer for large-format flexographic plates, complete the family of products for large-format plates with six drawers, representing the most advanced generation of traditional hot air dryers.

Degraf Concept 501 LF – finishing unit for use with Concept 501 Dryer

AV Flexologic Opti mount – mounting machine developed specially for corrugated packaging, allows to mount cliches of all thickness with or without control imprint.

Flint nyloprint CW - machine for processing water-washable plates of all thickness maximum size 500x700 mm

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